About Us
Cell Therapy Group (CTG)  is one of the leading consulting services firms in the 
cell therapy and regenerative medicine sector.

Cell Therapy Group (CTG) was founded in June 2008 by Lee Buckler to meet the demand for business-focused services by those with expertise in regenerative medicine and cell therapy industries as well as the use of cells in traditional drug development.

CTG's clients benefit from working with experienced consultants each having significant corporate, commercial technical and/or scientific expertise in cell-based regenerative medicine

Clients: therapeutic, device, service, tools, and reagent companies, pharmaceutical companies, investors, publishers, other consultants, etc

commercial-related services such as business development, market analysis & research, marketing, strategic planning, due diligence licensing, business planning, strategic alliances, sales & lead generation, advertising, project & interim management as well as more technical and scientific services such as basic research design, process & product development, cell expansion and differentiation protocols, modeling for stem cells in drug discovery and testing, etc.

The Group

Cell Therapy Group prides itself in an unparalleled breadth of knowledge of the cell therapy and regenmed industries with
scientific, technical, and commercial expertise

CTG has works for a wide range of clientele from very early-stage start-ups to some of the largest life science companies in the world. 

CTG has three categories of team members:
  • Core Consultants who are senior consultants and project managers exclusive to CTG. 
  • Project Consultants  under master services agreements and confidentiality agreements with CTG.  They offer a wide variety of expertise and experience.  They are brought in on projects as required.
  • Consulting Network includes other consultancies with which we work closely as client needs and projects dictate.